A World Where Every Person Living with Diabetes is Empowered to Live a Life of Health, Wellness and Hope without Guilt, Blame and Shame

Improve Your Blood Sugar and A1c in just 3 Live Zoom Sessions

Without Depriving Yourself of the Foods You Love

Improve Your Blood Sugar and A1c in just 3 Live Zoom Sessions Without Depriving Yourself of the Foods You Love




I'm guessing that you are here because your blood sugars been on your mind lately.... 

It can be frustrating and sometime overwhelming especially....

1. If your newly diagnosed, scared and confused on what to do next.

2. If you’ve tried everything to improve your blood sugars and have seen very little (or no) improvements

3. If you’re drowning in pills, and you’ve tried drastically changing your diet but couldn’t stick with it (or simply didn’t want to!)

4. If you've been told to lose weight, eat better and exercise but don't know where to start.

5.  If you haven't found the right support system to keep you motivated 

You’re not alone and you're not a failure. What has failed you is the approach because....

the conventional approach is all made for the masses, and don’t take into consideration what will actually work for you. WE WILL NEVER SAY "DONT EAT ANYTHING WHITE" 

Our approach is different, it takes your unique likes, dislikes, cultural food preferences and traditions and turns it into a personized plan made just for you, by you without giving up the things you love.  

Our Discover and Stop Diabetes system has been proven to work for over 38,000 people living with diabetes since 2003. It is used by clinics, health systems, and doctor's offices all across California to help people like you get back control of your health once and for all to decrease your A1c to live the healthy life you want, all from the convenience of your home.

If you want a proven way to improve your A1c without giving up the foods you love, I invite you to enroll in our next program starting this month.

No hidden fees... only $199.00 for a series of supportive live zoom sessions that will GIVE YOU THE KNOWELDGE AND STEP BY STEP PROCESS to improve your blood sugar and A1c without giving up the things you love. 

It's time to make a small investment in yourself that will return a lifetime of future health, wellness and happiness for you and the ones you love. 

It wasn't a fluke, There is a reason you were drawn HERE. It may be a coincidence, or a remarkable alignment of fate but this could be the moment that changes everything – the universe's way of telling you it's time to transform your life.

Please don’t waste another day feeling fed up with the frustration of another doctor's appointment without progress, another month of confusion, guilt, fear, doubt, or worse, another year of not doing anything.




"I wish that I had taken this Program 10 years ago"

"I lived with type 2 diabetes for 30 years not having taken care of myself because I took care of others and put more importance on their well-being than my own which lead to my current complications from diabetes. It was time for a change and through this program, I am now putting myself first after all these years. This program and everyone at DCP has motivated and empowered me to finally take care of my diabetes." 

-Christina L

"It was an Eye Opener"

"Having Type 2 diabetes for 3 years I thought I knew a lot about diabetes but I was wrong.  I was giving up the thing I loved for many years not knowing that there was another way. I feel for the first time that I have control of the situation instead of it having control of me"

-Jollete  S

"Changed My life"

"This program changed my life. Finally I had the motivation and confidence I needed without the guilt and shame I was feeling every time I didn't stick to the plan. My Doctor was amazed by my results"

-Michelle V



Here's What's Included

3 "live" sessions

Live Program

In three Live Small Group Zoom Sessions we will dive into the step by step Discover and Stop Diabetes system.  It will uncover what's holding you back from your diabetes wellness, introduce you to new science on nutrition and diabetes management, but most importantly it will help you create a personized plan that will improve your A1C and Blood Sugars without giving up the things your love. That's because it's made for you, by you and takes your current lifestyle, culture, traditions, likes and dislikes as part of the plan. Unlike other programs that try to put you in a one-size-fits-all approach. All this virtually from the comfort of your home 

Mobile App

Elevate your Wellness Journey

The Discover and Stop Diabetes Program App was designed to supercharge your progress. Logging meals and healthy habits is a breeze, keeping you motivated as you watch your journey unfold, all while accessing a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Our Mobile app will keep you inspired and OnTrack, keeping your wellness uniquely yours.

Discovery TOOLs &worksheets

Step by Step Discovery Tool

 Have you ever wished you could have a personal dietitian to help you make good choices throughout the day? With our discovery tool, you’ll become your own expert in making the best choices for your diabetes every day.
No more worrying and wondering about what you can eat and when. This tool has changed many of our member’s lives and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In 3 sessions you'll learn  

➢ How to build a personalized strategy and plan to understand and transform YOUR diabetes once and for all through new science on diabetes.

➢ The common fears and pitfalls about food that most people encounter, and how to avoid them.

➢ Your body’s unique needs and a  plan personalized to YOU without feeling like your missing out

.➢ How to lose weight naturally without dieting.

➢ How to eat for your health while also respecting your likes, dislikes, culture and traditions.

➢ How to decrease or eliminate medications. 

➢ How to build an empowered mindset when it comes to YOUR health that will lead to improvement's in your blood sugars and your A1c

And More.......

Your Program Questions Answered!

Is this program for Type 2 diabetes only? What if I have Type 1, LADA or Gestational?
This program is specifically designed for people living with type 2 diabetes and may not be appropriate for people living with Type 1, LADA and gestational diabetes. If you have other types of diabetes please call us at 626-814-0111 to discuss our other services that are specific for your needs. 
Will I learn about a diet for my diabetes?
We created this program specifically so that you don't need a special diet. The goal is to enjoy the foods you love, all while still maintaining and improving your blood sugars and A1c. 

The first step is to understand that everyone is different, and regardless of "diets," the best one is the one that you will enjoy and continue for more than three weeks. Together, we will create a personalized plan that takes into careful consideration your individual preferences, dislikes, cultural background, traditions, and blood sugar levels, not a diet.
How is this different than other programs?
Other programs start by telling you that you NEED to change everything about your life: food, culture, activity....etc. NOT HERE. We believe in not fixing what's not broken, and during the program, we will discover together and for yourself what really needs fixing or, most importantly, was does NOT.

Unlike other programs, we believe it's NOT your fault you got diabetes... It's not because you ate too many sweets or didn't exercise enough as most people believe (Millions of people do and don't have diabetes). This program will show you why it's not your fault but just as importantly what you can do to create a plan that's specific for you that will actually work to improve your blood sugars and A1c.

Other programs force you to do it their way. This program taps into your uniqueness and everything that makes you who you are as a part of the process for success. 
Do I need to attend all 3 sessions?
Yes, we recommend taking all 3 sessions one after the other. Each session will build on the next to give you the best foundation for creating your personalized plan. Many people have found transformation in just taking these three sessions. We know you will, too, If you are willing to invest your time following the proven process of our Discover and Stop Diabetes Program. 
How big are the group sessions?
We keep the group sizes small (8-12 people). By keeping our group sizes limited, we ensure that every voice is heard, every question is addressed, and every participant has the chance to contribute. You won't feel lost in a sea of faces or drowned out by an overwhelming number of voices. Instead, you'll find a welcoming space where you can truly connect, learn, and grow. If you prefer a more intimate one-on-one interaction, please call us at 626-814-0111 to discuss our other services that may be more specific to your needs.  
Will there be recording if I can't make it to the live sessions? 
We do not record sessions, but we understand that life gets in the way even to our most important life's priorities and events. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, you will be able to join other dates to make up for the sessions that you may have missed. 

Before enrolling, We encourage you to commit to keep and attend all three sessions of this program. What makes the program effective and unique is that it's LIVE.. We get to connect with you, understand you, and discover together in a SHAME and BLAME-FREE live environment. That's what's magical.. It's not just the information; you can get some of that in a brochure or book. The live connection is what will make this program valuable and successful for you, we promise.
Can I have my partner or spouse join me?
Yes, ONLY IF THEY WANT TO. We encourage you not to force anyone to participate. Support is essential, but only if you feel it will help you reach your goal and not hinder you. We will discuss the role of your support and how they can help or, in some cases, sabotage your success (AKA Diabetes Police). We welcome any support person that will bring you success.
Can I use my insurance?
We do not take insurance for this special program. We will provide you a receipt upon request for you to submit to your insurance if you choose to do so.  Since every insurance plan is different your benefits will determine if and what you may get reimbursed.  We do accept FSA  and HSA accounts.

(If you have, LACare and Brand New Day insurance please contact us at 626-814-0111)
Do you have Doctors on your team?
We do not have doctors on our staff. Our team includes, Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, and Pharmacists. We do work in collaboration with personal physicians for many of our clients.  If your in need of an endocrinologist we have contacts that may help you.
What happens after I complete enrollment?
After the easy 2-step enrollment, you will receive an email with further instructions on creating your account and downloading your mobile app.  After which you will be sent a health assessment questionnaire to be completed. Once completed, one of our member services representatives will reach out to you by phone or text to schedule your zoom sessions that are most convenient for you.  
What if it doesn't work for me?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days after purchase, to email us and we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain. That's how confident we are! We guarantee that if you use the knowledge and skills taught in this program you will better understand your diabetes and will be on your way to decrease your A1c guaranteed! 
Why are you doing this?
Because it is the right thing to do..... We have had the privilege of helping many amazing people who live healthy lives with diabetes. Unfortunately, We have also known people who succumb to this terrible disease, the difference between the two was the right support and knowledge at a critical point in their lives. The kind of support that gave them hope, confidence, and a healthy mindset to start their diabetes journey on the right track, void of blame, guilt, and shame. We know that this program can be that support because it has helped thousands do just that. 

Our mission to help "everyone" living with Type 2 diabetes has provided us the privilege for the past 20 years to have helped over 38,000 people living with diabetes, but let's face it, that's a drop in the bucket. More than 1.4 million people newly diagnosed with diabetes every year don't get the support they need. We especially saw this during the Covid pandemic because of the breakdown of our health system and social distancing policies. We created this special online program as a possible solution: a first step and the beginning of your journey to reduce your blood sugars and A1c if you choose to join us. 


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