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Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel frustrated that you can't enjoy the foods that you love? 
  • Do you dread going back to your doctor to only be judged, blamed and shamed again or told that your lazy even when you'll been really trying ? 
  • Are you feed up that your doctor is always increasing your medications at every visit ?
  • Do you feel it's difficult to give up the things you love or stick with the "plan" and wish you had more will power and motivation? 
  • Do You feel like you’ve tried different things without real lasting improvement and are confused and overwhelmed on what's the right next step?  …. Low Carb, Low fat, Plant based, Keto, Intermittent Fasting ?????? 
  • Have you been struggling to lower your A1c for months or even years 
Then the "Get Your Life Back " Diabetes Challenge is for you. Together we will stop the Guilt, Shame and Blame that is preventing you from your diabetes wellness and start the journey to living your best life enjoying the things you love again.

Don't spend another day fed up with the frustration of another doctor's appointment without progress, another month of guilt, fear, confusion, shame, doubt or worst another year of not doing anything. 


  • If no food was off limits.
  • Never having to ask “can I eat this with my diabetes?” (You’ll Know Exactly and Why!)
  • Feeling like you’re in control of your diabetes, not the other way around.
  • No longer feeling stress about eating, preparing meals, or eating out with family.
  • Feeling less like it’s your fault and instead feeling empowered, in control, and excited by your life and future.
  • Having the confidence that you will always be there for the ones you love and will never be a burden on them
  • Walking into your next Doctor's appointment proud to show off what you have achieved.

Then Join Me On Our 3 Day Challenge

No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !

Meet Your Host

Tony Song

Ever Since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes , I’ve used my diagnosis, experiences, struggles and successes with this disease to help others.  I hope I get the opportunity to share what I have learned with you just as I have for 36,000 other people living with diabetes since founding Diabetes Care Partners

Me When I Was Diagnosed with Diabetes

"I know the feelings of the daily struggles both in blood sugar numbers and the fight in my head about what I need to do, my emotions, lack of will power and the shame and blame game that makes it hard for us all to find momentum to be well. This challenge will help you change the way you look at your diabetes and give you the freedom to make the choices that are right for you "

  • I know what it’s like to feel scared, frustrated, alone and angry with this condition
  • I have felt the shame and guilt over “lack of willpower” and motivation we face everyday. 
  • I have felt the frustration of blood sugars that don't make sense.
  • That's why we started Diabetes Care Partners and this challenge, to help as many people living with diabetes get the understanding and support they deserve.
  • We've been serving people living with diabetes Since 2003. Our team of Certified Diabetes Education Specialists, Registered Dietitians and I have had the priveldge of helping over 36,000 people find their motivation and diabetes wellness to get their lives back and start enjoying life again. I hope we get the opportunity to serve you too!
The “Get My Life Back" Type 2 Diabetes Challenge guides you every step of the way!
It's time to reclaim your health and FINALLY TAKE ACTION!

It’s Time To Take The

"Get my life back"

No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !

Here’s What You Get

Join the “Get My Life Back" Diabetes Challenge and 
Get these Incredible Bonuses to Make Sure You are Successful!

3-Day "live" Event

($726 Value)

Live Challenge

Each day I will dive into what's holding you back from your diabetes wellness, New science on nutrition, your limiting beliefs and the mindset that can set you free from guilt and shame and the medical community's blame game.

This challenge will help you find the freedom to enjoy the foods that you love again and break free from the guilt, shame, or even fear preventing you from enjoying life again.

Worksheet GUIDE

($39 Value)

Complete Challenge Guide 

It can be exhausting and confusing trying to remember all the tools and tips to keep your diabetes in check. That’s why we put together these PDF worksheet to support your progress through our challenge (and to keep up momentum afterwards!)

 These worksheets are an amazing resource that will help you feel confident managing your diabetes for the long-haul.

Discovery TOOL

($20 Value)

Step by Step Discovery Tool

 Have you ever wished you could have a personal dietician to help you make good choices throughout the day? With our discovery book PDF, you’ll become your own expert in making the best choices for your diabetes every day.
No more worrying and wondering about what you can eat and when. This tool has changed many of our member’s lives and we can’t wait to share it so you can maximize these tools on your journey to diabetes wellness.

Over 3 days you'll learn  

➢ How to build a personalized strategy to understand and transform YOUR diabetes

➢ The common fears and pitfalls about food that most people encounter, and how to avoid them

➢ Your body’s unique needs and a meal plan personalized to YOU

➢ How to build an empowered mindset when it comes to YOUR health

➢ How to free yourself from the cycles of guilt, shame, and fear about your diabetes

➢ How to eat for your health while also nourishing your soul with your favorite foods

And More.......

What If There Was A Way To BREAK FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF GUILT AND SHAME and start enjoying the food you love again In As Little As 3 days ?...

No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !

Your Challenge Questions Answered!

Do I need to Have Type 2 diabetes?
Yes, This Challenge is specifically for people living with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.
What if I have Type 1, LADA or Gestational?
This Challenge is specifically designed for people living with type 2 diabetes and may not be appropriate for people living with Type 1, LADA and gestational diabetes.
Do you have Doctors on your team?
We do not have doctors on our staff. Our team includes, Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, and Pharmacists. We do work in collaboration with personal physicians for some of our clients.  If your in need of an endocrinologist we can contacts that may help you.
Will I learn about a diet for my diabetes?
We created this challenge to get you to start enjoying the foods you love again while keeping your blood sugars in a safe range. The first step is to understand that everyone is different, and regardless of "diets," the best method is the one that works for you. Together, we will discover what is best to maximize your success during this challenge.
How is this different than other programs?
Other programs start by telling you that you NEED to change everything about your life, your food, your culture, your activity....etc. NOT HERE. We believe in don't fix what's not broken, and during the challenge, you will discover for yourself if there is anything to fix.

Unlike other programs, we believe that it's NOT your fault you got diabetes... It's not because you ate too many sweets or didn't exercise enough as most people believe. This challenge will show you why it's not your fault and prove it to you.

Other programs force you to do it their way. This challenge taps into your specific likes, dislikes, culture, and everything that makes you who you are as a part of the process for success. 
Do I need to come to all 3 days?
I have seen people find transformation in the 3 days. Come to the first day and if you don't find it useful you can stop.  I promise, It won't hurt my feelings.  Time is our second most valuable thing in our lives and I don't want you to waste it on something that won't help. But imagine if it does help the most important thing in your life ,your health.
Will I have access to the recordings if I can't make the live event?
We may have recordings available for a limited time through the challenge but what makes the challenge effective and unique is that it's live..We get to connect with you, understand you, and discover together in a SHAME and BLAME FREE live environment. That's what's magical.. it's not just the information; you can get that in a brochure or book. The connection is what will make this challenge successful for you. 
Can I have my partner or spouse join me?
Yes, ONLY IF THEY WANT TO. We encourage you not to force anyone to participate. Support is essential, but only if you feel it will help you reach your goal and not hinder you. We will discuss the role of your support and how they can help or, in some cases, sabotage your success (AKA Diabetes Police). We welcome any support person that will bring you success.
Why are you doing this for free?
Because it is the right thing to do..... I have had the privilege of helping many amazing people who live healthy lives with diabetes. Unfortunately, I have also known people who succumb to this terrible disease, the difference between the two was the right support at a critical point in their lives. The kind of support that gave them hope, dignity, and a healthy mindset to start their diabetes journey on the right track, void of blame, guilt, and shame. I know that this challenge can be that support because it has helped thousands do just that. 

Our mission to help "everyone" living with Type 2 diabetes has provided us the privilege for the past 20 years to have helped over 36,000 people living with diabetes, but let's face it, that's a drop in the bucket. More than 1.4 million people newly diagnosed with diabetes every year don't get the support they need. We especially saw this during the Covid pandemic because of the breakdown of our health system and social distancing policies. We created this challenge as a possible solution: a first step and the beginning of getting your life back again if you choose to join us. I can't promise you this challenge will always be available so please take this opportunity. 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Join the "Get My Life Back" Diabetes Challenge
  • Live 3 day "Get My Life Back" Type 2 Diabetes Challenge  ($726 Value)
  • BONUS#1: Challenge Guide  ($39 Value)
  • BONUS#2: Discovery Tool  ($20 Value)
  • ​LIVE BONUS:  Live Mystery Bonus Worth  ($60 Value)
Total Value: $845
But, you're getting all of this...
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Absolutely No Risk to You
No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !


This 3 day Challenge is Starting on October 5, 2022


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !


"I wish that I had taken this Program 10 years ago"

"I lived with type 2 diabetes for 30 years not having taken care of myself because I took care of others and put more importance on their well-being than my own which lead to my current complications from diabetes. It was time for a change and through this program, I am now putting myself first after all these years. This program and everyone at DCP has motivated and empowered me to finally take care of my diabetes." 

-Christina L

"It was an Eye Opener"

"Having Type 2 diabetes for 3 years I thought I knew a lot about diabetes but I was wrong.  I was giving up the thing I loved for many years not knowing that there was another way. I feel for the first time that I have control of the situation instead of it having control of me"

-Jollete  S

"Changed My life"

"This program changed my life. Finally I had the motivation and confidence I needed without the guilt and shame I was feeling every time I didn't stick to the plan. My Doctor was amazed by my results"

-Michelle V



Are You Ready?


There is No Risk and Everything to Gain

No Thanks! I Don't Want To Break the Chains of Guilt about my diabetes and continue to deprive myself of the food I love !
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